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#1. Name:Tie
#2. Age:17
#3. Location:Georgia
#4. Gender:Girl
#5. Where did you hear about us?: looking up a banner community.
#6. Will you follow all the rules?:yes
#7. Do you promise not to still the banners,
to always credit and never cover up the tags?: Yes

Fav. Questions:
#7. Fav. Music: Rock/emo/punk/ska
#8. Fav. Bands:fob,blink182,britneyspears the list goes on
#9. Fav. TV Shows:Aqua Teen
#10. Fav Movie: Casper
#11. Fav. Sports: Surfing

Random Questions:
#12. Righty or Lefty?: Right
#13. Where are you right now?(BedRoom, Comp room, Living room, etc...): Den
#14. Tell us something random about yourself: I surf 24/7 well maybe not that much...but i try to
#15. Whats color is your carpet?!?:pink
#16. Do you have a crush?: yes
#17. Make us laugh (either with your fav. joke, a funny pic....etc!): My friend Jeff's nephew Ryan flushed a chic down the toilet on easter, it was pretty rad, and sad at the same time

#18. (Optional) Have any pics of your self, nope
Place them here: ----->Nope i dont

I need accepted and rejected banners

Image[s]:I want one of Sugarcult-accepted and one of  Britney Spears-rejected I dont know how to post them on here
Background color[s]: [use the hexidecimal code here] You only need this if you don't have an image.Black or grey
Border: [yes/no? Description if needed.] none needed
Border color: [use the hexidecimal code here] black
Border thickness: Thin
Text on banner (Yes or No):yes some Rejected/ and accepted
Where the text goes: [right, center, top, etc.] top or bottom corner
Font style (See bottom of info page for font examples): What ever you think looks cool
Font color: [use the hexidecimal code here] with the grey i want Pink and with the black I want Red
Include username on banner (if yes, specify your username): __musicislove
Want me to be creative?: Yes
Additional information?: Have fun while making them, they dont have to be exactly what I want i just need some banners so Make them cool if you dont mind and you can use different pics if you wish.

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