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Yupers.... I sure do make em!

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#1. Please, when you are making a request or filling out an application PUT IT IN A LJ CUT! =)
#2. If you are going to promote a community, also PUT IT IN LJ CUT! It saves room in the community. =)
#3. To fill out an application, scroll down and answer EVERY question. (Theres only a few =P)
#4. To fill out a request, also croll down and fill in EVERY question.
#5. Please, do not get upset with me if I dont have your baner ready and made for you the next day. It might take me a lil while because I may have other request. =) (Or slamed with Homework =P)
#6. Every Sat. I will make a post asking everyone to give me 2 links to 2 different places they have promoted this community. (Please do not use the same links you used in your application, that would be cheating! =P)
#7. On every banner I make a tag it, if you dont want a tag, place one of my minni banners in your info page with a link either to my journal or this community under it (see request application for minni banners). My tag says: Made By: Thats_So_Retro @ LJ. Its very small and most of the time you cant really see it. So please do not cover up the tag if I place one!
#8. Please be nice to every member of this community.
#9. Must be 12 and older to join!
#10. If you break any of the rules, you will be banned and put on the list!
#11. When it comes to voting on the people who are applying, my vote is the only one that counts. When someone applys you may add your comments to them, for exampl: + On your TV Shows! - On your Fav food (eecky) Or I really like you application! ....etc. And I will also be the only one who stamps. =D
#12. You can only be an accepted member to comment posts, and make requests.

#1. Name:
#2. Age:
#3. Location:
#4. Gender:
#5. Where did you hear about us?:
#6. Will you follow all the rules?:
#7. Do you promise not to still the banners,
to always credit and never cover up the tags?:

Fav. Questions:
#7. Fav. Music:
#8. Fav. Bands:
#9. Fav. TV Shows:
#10. Fav Movie:
#11. Fav. Sports:

Random Questions:
#12. Righty or Lefty?:
#13. Where are you right now?(BedRoom, Comp room, Living room, etc...):
#14. Tell us something random about yourself:
#15. Whats color is your carpet?!?:
#16. Do you have a crush?:
#17. Make us laugh (either with your fav. joke, a funny pic....etc!):

#18. (Optional) Have any pics of your self,
Place them here: ----->

All requests MUST use an lj-cut. If you do not know how to do a lj-cut. Please click here!

Background color[s]: [use the hexidecimal code here] You only need this if you don't have an image.
Border: [yes/no? Description if needed.]
Border color: [use the hexidecimal code here]
Border thickness:
Text on banner (Yes or No):
Where the text goes: [right, center, top, etc.]
Font style (See bottom of info page for font examples):
Font color: [use the hexidecimal code here]
Include username on banner (if yes, specify your username):
Want me to be creative?:
Additional information?:

All requests MUST use an lj-cut. If you do not know how to do a lj-cut. Please click here!

Do not post your request as a reply to someone else's post. (Chances are I wont see it!!!!)
If I havent replied to your request as soon as possible, DO NOT take it out on me though my journals or AIM. No one likes that, and it probably won't result in the banner getting done any quicker.

Credit is required for all banners, unless you allow me to tag it. The tag will look like this:
Made By: Thats_So_Retro @ LJ.
It will be very small. Font size would be either 8, 7, 0r 6. Never bigger then 8. And you can hardly see the tag most of the time.

If you dont want a tag, the you MUST credit! (I dont like stealers =P) The way you can credit me is entering one of these lil banners in your info page with a link under it, either to my journal, or to this community!

Hehe, arnt they cute?? =)

thats_so_retro--- Jessica (Mod)