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Ok, sorry guys. Been a lil busy. I see I have some members so i will start to promote to get more. I made some banners for this community. I will try to get them up on the info page when I can. In the mean time, dont forget, you have to fill out a application and be accepted before you can make a request (dont worrie, I will always accept everyone. I just want to know fun facts about everyone =D). And I also got a few more programs that have awesome stuff I could to make banners! So start filling out applications. TTFN
xoxo Jessica
P.S. Lots more banners coming your way. I have made a few more and I will post them on the example web site page for anyone to use. =)
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Image[s]:pink dimond rings
Background color[s]: [use the hexidecimal code here] You only need this if you don't have an image.
Border: [yes/no? Description if needed.]no
Border color: [use the hexidecimal code here] no
Border thickness:no
Text on banner (Yes or No):Yes
Where the text goes: [right, center, top, etc.]top left corrner say Friends only bottem right corrner says comment to be added
Font style (See bottom of info page for font examples):i dont care if u think its cute use it
Font color: [use the hexidecimal code here]#111111 or #Fc6c6
Include username on banner (if yes, specify your username):
Want me to be creative?: yes
Additional information?:

All requests MUST use an lj-cut. If you do not know how to do a lj-cut. Please click
Ok awesome! I am starting to make it now. =D
Do you have a link to the pic you want? or I can just search around and find a pic. =D

xoxo Jessica

My AIM is HalieEmJade incase you need to talk to me. I am always on. Leave a message if I am away.
Sorry I am a DORK! I forgot your scren name on AIM, and I was just talking to you a few minutes ago, and it was just like your LJ screen name. I thought I had added you to my buddy list, but I ask I didnt.

I decided to just finish making the banner tonight, so that if there is anything you dont like or would like changed you could tell me.

So here is the PIC, hope you like! But its ok if you dont, just tell me what you would like changed. =)

I really suck with computers....where can i get one of your applications to get a banner?
My application is on the info page =)