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A Request


Background color[s]: [use the hexidecimal code here] You only need this if you don't have an image.
Border: [yes/no? Description if needed.] Yes Please. Something simple. Sorry, I myself don't exactly know what I want- just a nice Diana Krall banner for my user info page :)
Border color: [use the hexidecimal code here] I'll trust your artistic judgment
Border thickness: " "
Text on banner (Yes or No): yes, but outside the pictures
Where the text goes: [right, center, top, etc.]centered underneath sil-vous plait, and the text just the cliche "Diana Krall is love" sort of thing
Font style (See bottom of info page for font examples): Simple, arial.
Font color: [use the hexidecimal code here] Black
Include username on banner (if yes, specify your username): nah
Want me to be creative?: yes, but in that simple, minimalistic sort of way :)
Additional information?: Yes, foremost, thank you so much in advance! I have been a Krall addict for the past few weeks, and I think addictions like these should surface themselves as banner on lj user info pages :) Plus, you should all listen to Krall!!!

Thanks again =)
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